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Baker View Rags

Carchet Chartreux

Cozy and Comfy Coons


 In honor of Community Cat Coalition

International Cat Show Portland


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CarolsCats Alters

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Elaine & Fred Weitz


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The Maine Event

A 12-Ring Championship & Household Pet Cat Show

"Save Room for Pie" by Big Cat Designs. All rights reserved.

November 10 & 11, 2018

Hotel RL Olympia -- Olympia, Washington

Hotel reservation deadline extended to Monday, October 22!

If you'd like to attend the cat show as a spectator, please visit our spectators' site.

Ring Sponsors
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CarolsCats Alters (Rings 5 & 6)

CatCurl LaPerms (Ring 1)

Gentle Touch Ragdolls (Rings 3 & 4)

Herus Abyssinians (Rings 1 and 5)

Jim and Beth Thompson, in memory of Kimo (Rings 1 & 2)

Kamisha Bengals (Ring 5)

Precious Treasures Cattery  (Rings 3 & 4)

Quizzical Cattery - Thais  (Rings 2 & 6)

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