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I agree to abide by the following Health/Safety Policies and Procedures. I understand if I fail to follow these Health/Safety Policies and Procedure and I have been asked to remove myself from the show, I will not be eligible for any refund for show related services previously paid.

1 General Policies

A) This show will NOT be Open to the Public for health and safety reasons.

B) All persons entering the show hall must sign this document indicating they have read, understood, and agree to these Health and Safety Policies and Procedure in force at this agricultural event.

C) All persons entering the show hall must agree to the following general rules:

a. Comply with social distancing; remain at least six feet away from others.

b. Wear face mask at all times while in the show hall.

c. Use sanitizer on your hands several times throughout the day.

D) Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at the entrance and throughout all common areas. Exhibitors are to bring their own personal hand sanitizers for the benching area.

E) Dedicated staff will frequently clean all touch points throughout the show hours. The show hall will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected Friday and Saturday evenings for the next day's events.

F) Participants will bathe all cats prior to arriving at the event.

G) We encourage participants to clean and disinfect all equipment being brought from home before entering the show hall and again before they take them back home.

H) We discourage the sharing of items/equipment that are difficult to disinfect between participants.

2 Check-in Procedures

A) Participants will maintain social distancing while proceeding through the check-in procedures.

B) All people entering the show hall must complete and provide a short health questionnaire prior to checking in.

C) All people entering the show hall must have their temperature taken with a non-contact thermometer. If a person has symptoms and a fever, the person (and their party) will not be admitted to the facility.

D) If a person has multiple symptoms and a temperature is present, the person (and their party) will not be ad-mitted to the facility.

E) All people entering the show hall must provide and use the following safety gear:

a. Face mask

b. Sanitizer/disinfectant for personal benching space

c. Protective gloves

F) If people do not have the items in 2D above, safety kits will be available for $5/each (containing 2 face masks, 2 pair protective gloves, and personal sized sanitizer).

G) Due to COVID-19 restrictions, other than show staff, the only people allowed in the show hall are exhibitors with at least one entry. An exhibitor is defined as ONE individual. Each exhibitor may bring no more than ONE additional person (i.e., spouse, child, or assistant).

3 Benching Areas

A) Exhibitors will be benched with 6 feet between themselves and other Exhibitors.

B) An Exhibitor may opt out of this requirement should they wish to waive that right (See Summary Sheet). As an example, Exhibitors who travel and typically bench together can opt for no separation of their cages and/or groom spaces. To be benched closer than 6' to each other, both you AND the other exhibitor must request this.

4 Ring Protocol

A) Ring staff will clean/disinfect the ring equipment (cat cages and judging table) after the space has been occupied by a cat and/or their handler.

B) There will be no chairs in the rings for viewing judging or finals.

C) Participants are to put their cats in the ring cages. After judging, remove cats as quickly and quietly as possible.

D) Participants are to follow signage instructions regarding the entry and exit points in the judging rings, so people do not pass close to-gether while coming/going out of the rings.

E) Do not deliver or pick up cats directly behind a judge when they have a cat on the judging table.

E) Maintain social distancing.

F) Finals will be presented in two phases — bottom 5 presented and excused, then top 5 presented and excused so there are limited people observing the finals.

5 People Food & Drinks

A) There will NOT be a hospitality table (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, snacks) at this show. Participants are to bring their own drinks, snacks, and meals. Participants can pre-purchase contactless Saturday/Sunday lunches and Saturday evening dinner (see Summary Sheet). The Club will still provide drinks to the judging rings (judges, ring clerks, and stewards).

B) Meals (Lunches and Dinner)

a. All meals (lunches and dinner) will be pre-packaged in individual containers and delivered contactless. Each meal will have the appropriate condiments including plastic utensils, paper napkin, and individual serving salad dressings (if applicable).

b. Ring staff (Judge, clerk, and steward) lunches will be delivered to the judging rings.

c. Participant and club staff lunches will be in alphabetical order in the kitchen. To maintain social distancing, the number of people in the kitchen will be limited and monitored by Club staff. All lunches are to be eaten at individual benching areas (and not in the dining rooms).

d. For all those attending the Saturday evening dinner, meals will be set up in alphabetical order in the kitchen. To maintain social distancing, the number of people in the kitchen will be limited and monitored by Club staff. Dining tables will be set up 6 feet apart with only 3 to 4 people per table.